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sundance solitude

by jani on September 7, 2012

When you think of solitude, tranquility, peaceful and quiet… one place may come to mind… the spa. Certainly, I have enjoyed many relaxing moments under the hands of expert massage therapists. The Spa at Sundance is located in a most serene and majestic location. Nestled in a grove of aspen and evergreen with just the whispering of the quaking leaves. It is indeed a perfect setting.

But just to kick off your flip flops, hiking  or riding boots, lie back in the Adirondacks on the patio of the Mandan Cottages at Sundance Resort in the beautiful mountains-  is solitude perfection. I wiggle my toes, look out at the magical setting and become enthralled in a favorite book… it’s all I need!

Listening to the cascading water as it ripples down the nearby creek, just adds to the ambiance.

Even Emmy, our Aussie and constant companion  loved this peaceful setting.

Robert Redford’s Sundance (named after his character in the movie, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”) has succeeded in achieving  a truly environmentally friendly vacation spot. The Mandan Units, named after nearby Mandan Peak and part of the Wasatch Range enveloping this inspirational resort, are perfectly positioned among the trees keeping the landscape the main attraction.

The stunning natural setting is delightful and just the panacea for escaping the loud noises of our everyday lives.

It’s time to say goodbye. HB , Emmy and I loved every minute!

I would recommend spending a summer or fall getaway here at the Sundance Resort, for anyone seeking a bit of peace, quiet and time to commune with nature.

Do you have any adventurous or relaxing fall trips planned for this year? I’d love to here. What’s your favorite autumn destination?