road trips

yoho, yoho… off to b.c. we go!

by jani on September 26, 2012

If you could add anything to your bucket list, how about a three week road trip that covered most of southern British Columbia? HB, Emmy and I get to check that one off. Fortunately, we saw much of the beauty and magnificent sites of this amazing province… unfortunately our camera broke and we could only capture a few of our moments. But its  images will be forever etched in our memories! We traveled during the month of September, the leaves  just beginning to change. It was a perfect time to visit… the summer vacationers had come and gone… we were left almost alone to enjoy nature’s splendor.

We were heading east on the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) and captured these low hanging clouds.

 The grandeur of the Canadian Rockies is truly beyond description. The Cree word for “magnificent” comes to mind… takakkaw!

Yoho National Park, on the British Columbia side, is contiguous with Banff National Park in Alberta. It is a smaller park with its crowning beauty being the glacier-fed falls. We had to take a very narrow, winding road (you do not want to run into an over-sized camper on this stretch!) which leads to Takakkaw Falls. These falls are breathtaking. The short walk to the base crosses the Yoho River with its cloudy, aqua color coming from the glacial run-off.

 Takakkaw Falls – the force of the water dropping over 1200 feet creates its own micro-climate!

HB caught Emmy and me resting as we enjoyed the sights and sounds in this marvelous setting.

HB was born and raised in southern Alberta and it didn’t take him long to jump back into the oat and aboat  as we conversed with the friendly people we met along our route. Our trip through western Canada was filled with everything we could have hoped for. We would recommend this trip to anyone.

Have you ever been to Yoho National Park and Takakkaw Falls? It is definitely worth seeing!