my mom’s belt… it doesn’t fit!

by jani on August 24, 2012

What do you do when your sweet 88-year-old mom gives you a belt she wore in the 60s… once you get home, you try it on and it doesn’t fit around your waist? Well, after a good cry, you start to play around with it. What I came up with is wrapping it around my neck. I tried it different ways, but I like this one the best. I was at  Sundance Resort in Utah this past weekend and was pleased to receive compliments on my unusual “necklace”. I’m never afraid to wear something a bit unusual… suits my personality. So why not throw that recycled belt around my neck!

We came across a lovely Nepalese shop in our travels to Santa Fe, where I  found these tribal earrings and bangle made out of water buffalo bone. I love wearing them! The gold ring that is on my middle finger has been there since 1975… it’s my dad’s 1920 University of Notre Dame ring where he graduated in 1920. I couldn’t get it off my finger if I wanted to… it’s pretty much attached!


Straw fedora (gifted), white capris (Dillard’s), black tee (Westbound), white waffle-textured jacket (CBR Specialty boutique – Salt Lake City International), glasses (Dolce & Gabbana)

Snake skin-metallic Anne Klein flats (Macy’s), bronze-metallic Anne Klein handbag (Macy’s)

 Have you ever recycled a gift to be worn differently than its intent? I’d love to hear your ideas.