potty training etiquette

the potty training fairy!

by jani on September 3, 2012

I remember going to a neigborhood party several years ago. We played a get-to-know-you game. Each woman was told to write down their fantasy wish. Any wish in the world would be granted. I was in the midst of a new move… unpacking boxes… organizing our home… getting our four older children adjusted to new schools. AND… the dreaded potty training!

I remember some of the wishes. One wanted to be waiting for her husband in a sexy French maid’s outfit (not for me thank you!). Another wanted to redo her basement and have Harrison Ford as her carpenter (also a little weird!)… a cabin in Deer Valley but only if decorated in Ralph Lauren. And… the largest yacht in the world… yeah I’m losing these ladies at this point! Oh, one wanted world peace (I’m now in the “GroundHog Day” movie).

Then they read my wish: “The potty training fairy would come to my home and sprinkle potty training dust on my two little girls and they would suddenly be trained!” Everyone looked at me with blank, confused looks on their faces. I don’t know know why… to me that would be the best possible wish in the world!

Jump forward to August 2012, and a mom thinks it’s okay to potty train her twins in a deli – while people are eating all around her?! I just feel sorry for these poor little girls when they grow up should they ever find out about this awkward, really uncouth and totally not-cool and lapse of I-don’t-know-what-this-mom-was-thinking moment!

If you’re interested in the joining the discussion, you can check out KSL or Baby Center which have had quite a few comments on potty training etiquette.

These are our twin girls during their potty training days – about 23 years ago. They were happy as two little munchkins could be, sitting on their matching potties and listening to our stereo system. (Ear buds? Nope, those still had to be invented!) But I do have to say, my girls would sit and listen to rock and roll for as long as it took! Worked like a charm… that and bribing them with M&Ms!

Sadly, in our day we have to be very careful what we share on our blogs. I loved the full shot of my baby girls –  it was so cute. But unfortunately there are “pervs” out there that would strip a child of their sweet innocence. So this is the modified shot of my sweet babies… they’re my twin girls, and they were little… they were cute… and they were in our home, as far away from a kitchen or food as possible!

So, you can tell me; Am I crossing a line sharing this? I don’t think so. But I’d still be like to hear your thoughts or any others on your good and not-so-good potty training moments!