my friday fashion favorites – plaids!

by jani on October 12, 2012

Buffalo plaids are here again this fall/winter 2012 fashion season. Recalling fondly through the years the many fall plaid skirts, dresses,  jackets and scarves I’ve worn,  I ask myself – really, when has plaid not been cool? Movies and musicals have even used  plaid in their themes, e.g.”Forever Plaid”… loved it! Then there was Steve Martin’s, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”… and why is it that both these movies are about dead people? I don’t get it! Plaid is so antithetical to death. It’s a wonderfully vibrant pattern.

Being Scottish (I’m from the Crawford clan), there’s a great love and devotion for anything plaid, or tartan as it’s referred to in Scotland. The history behind plaid or tartan is really quite interesting. So, in honor of my Scottish heritage, I give you plaid!

fall '12

H M long sleeve shirt
$24 –

H M elbow patch blazer
$57 –

Slim fit jeans

Bootie boots

Alexis bittar

Diane von furstenberg

Brown belt
$59 –


buffalo plaid

J Crew long top

H m jacket
$49 –

Proenza Schouler denim skinny jeans
$285 –

Black shoes
$120 –

Resin earrings

Ray ban eyewear

Black studded belt
$6.50 –

Now tell me, doesn’t plaid make you feel cozy and all autumnish (is that a word)? It does for me anytime I see plaid, I smile. It’s a happy pattern!

So,  what are some of your “happy” patterns and styles that remind you of this lovely time of year? I’d love to hear!