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bistro 412 – park city, utah

by jani on February 18, 2013

Bistro 412 is one of our favorite restaurants in Park City, Utah. I have loved escargot since my first trip to France in 1966 and HB has been fond of this delicacy for most of his adult life. This restaurant serves  escargot, topped with a delicious pastry crust. Although the menu is eclectic, there is a strong French influence running throughout, including French music in the background.

bistro 1(1)Many visitors enjoy sitting in front of the outdoor firepit –  people watching or just relaxing with a favorite beverage. It was an especially popular spot during the Sundance Film Festival.

bistro 2(2)

bistro 3The interior has an engaging quaint charm that transports you to a small sidewalk Parisian café… a lovely setting for your afternoon or evening meal.

bistro 5The servers are efficient and very knowledgeable. My favorite item on the menu is a poached pear salad with goat cheese. Our waiter suggested adding grilled shrimp… it was delightful. I will definitely order this one again. It also comes with roasted beets… a perfect choice!

sundance film Collage 2Bistro 412 is located at 412 Main Street.

If you haven’t tried the Bistro 412, we highly recommend you do! What are some of your favorite restaurants in Park CityAny comments are always welcomed!


the bakery at windy ridge – park city, utah

by jani on February 11, 2013

When I was a little girl, growing up in the Sacramento Valley, one of my favorite adventures with my parents was “a trip above the fog,” as my dad referred to it. We would drive up to Auburn, where the sun was brightly shining. As we reached higher elevation, I would look back over the valley with its covering of that heavy gray blanket of fog or as they call it here… Inversion… that awful nine-letter word!

So, H.B. and I have been taking a few daytrips this winter, to go above the fog, haze, ugly pollution, inversion… whatever you’d like to call it. It has been delightful and we have discovered a few new favorite stops in our treasured Park City, Utah.

I’d like to introduce you to The Bakery at Windy Ridge. It’s located directly behind the Windy Ridge Cafe owned and operated by the same gastronomers, Bill White Restaurant Group who brought to Park City some of the finest eateries including:  Grappa, Wahso, Ghidottis, Chimayo, and Sushi Blue. “The Bakery“, as most residents refer to it, advertises “Breads, Pasties and Delectables”…  both sweet and savory.

bakery 5The Bakery is located at 1750 Iron Horse Drive.

bakery Collage 2There are always so many enticing pastries to choose from… the question is,which ones do we end up with? There were chocolate eclairs, beautifully arranged fruit tarts, pecan tarts, cupcakes, raspberry chocolate mini cakes, pear tarts, lemon bars and apple pies that looked heavenly. We knew before even entering The Bakery that we would be going home with their marvelous macarons (today’s flavors were pomegranate, brandy and raspberry)

bakery 10

bakery 7Yes, the apples seem to be bursting out of the pie shell of the “Mile High Apple Pie”.

019Here’s the talented Executive Pastry Chef, Stephanie Krizman, who created all of these delights. After she told us that she added maple to the pecan tarts, we knew we had to try them.

bakery 9These pecan tarts, with just a hint of real maple syrup, are just as good as they look! In fact, they may be my new favorite dessert – and a very good reason to go take another trip up to one of our favorite vacation spots. Park City has it all…  whether winter, spring, summer or fall!

bakery 3The macarons almost melt in your mouth – with just the perfect delicate crust! We were not the least bit sorry that we splurges on these little pleasures!

bakery 1

I’m getting hungry just writing this post… that’s just how good this bakery is!

So, the next time you happen to be in Park City, you must check out this wonderful bakery… perfect, after a day on Utah’s world class slopes!! Let me know what you think; I’d love to hear back and any comment is welcomed.