Palisade peaches

freezing peaches

by jani on August 31, 2012

Just less than two weeks ago the annual Peach Festival took place in Palisade, Colorado. We discovered the lushness of these peaches a couple years ago while driving home from Denver on Interstate 70. Palisade is located seven miles east of Grand Junction. Each year we look forward to the Palisade peach harvest.

Most of my friends can their peaches, but we prefer freezing them.

The secret to keeping the flesh of your frozen peaches bright and fresh all winter long is orange juice. Just cut your peaches in half, leaving the skin on.  Remove the pit and then dip just the flesh side into the orange juice.

Place the halved peaches on a cookie sheet flesh side up and freeze until hard. Once frozen, place them in a freezer bag (it’s always a good idea to mark the date on the bag).

I usually use a half peach in my daily smoothie. We froze six 18-lb. boxes, which should also yield plenty of peaches for pies and cobblers during the winter. If you place the frozen peach under warm water, the skin will peel easily; they’re now ready to be used in your favorite peach recipe – and most importantly retaining the vibrant fresh peach color!

I hope you’ll try this…  it’s great if you have the freezer space, and so much quicker than canning. Not that I don’t love a good canned peach; I’ve done my share of many a jar in my life!

So, what’s your favorite peach recipe? HB made a great Fresh Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce recipe from The Pioneer Woman that you just have to try! Here’s the link:  Next Wednesday check back for a yummy blueberry peach cobbler!