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my friday-favorite fashions

by jani on July 27, 2012

So, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite sets with you my readers, at least one Friday a month. Let’s see if you enjoy cruising through these. There will be no theme other than…well, I like them. There will possibly be sets you won’t like… but there may be ones that you love and want to put together in your own closet. I’m happy to hear all your comments about this new post!

In the following outfit, I’ve geared it more towards a sophisticated interview ordate night…  but definitely not casual Friday fare! The fuschia colored super pink is a great color this season. Add the T by Alexander Wang cream blouse with a multi-chained necklace, an elegant jersey jacket, a color blocked clutch,  nude pumps and you’re ready with a busy work day outfit that can easily turn into evening wear!


Fuschia And Navy


How can you go wrong with a cute pair of Tory Burch flats, a white biker jacket, Vanessa Bruno poppy colored skinnies and a fun print Orla Kiely leather handbag?

Red Skinnies With White Biker Jacket

French Connection ribbed tee
$48 –

Biker jacket

Vanessa Bruno Athé low rise jeans
$145 –

Tory burch flat
$340 –

ReLuxe silk scarve
$28 –

Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses
$305 –

Nails Inc nail polish
$17 –


H&M has such a great styles for the right price. I love their floral dress belted and paired with  the classic H&M denim jacket. Here’s another Orla Kiely leather handbag in just the right color combo with this fun day or night outfit. I’d strap on the sandals for day and dress it up with a fun pair of heels and dressier accessories for night.

H & M Floral Dress

H M jean jacket
$47 –

Bruuns Bazaar flat shoes
$97 –

Mango aviator shades
$28 –



Well, I’d love to hear back from my readers. It’s fun to just pull out a few of my favorite sets that don’t necessarily fit into a genre of style.  Being a mom,  and now a grandma, I realize that style is so much more about how you feel inside. Are you confident in who you are?

What you wear is just a layer of the inward person. Believe in yourself, no matter what size you are. You will most likely change as you grow older… metabolism slows down, we have babies and our bodies shift. Our experiences alone can alter your outward appearance (unless you’re some super model, hittin’ the gym everyday… I commend you for your dedication… or you’re my sister, who is almost seventy and can wear the same clothes she could at twenty!)

But let’s get real here. We can still love ourselves and know we have a divine nature within, no matter how we look. We should stand with an upright, confident stature and believe we can accomplish anything we desire. Each morning repeat the mantra, “I am beautiful just the way God made me and I deserve to feel the beauty within”.  Now, go out and do something nice for someone else today… that’s a good place to start!