men’s restrooms

“toilets by any other name would smell…”

by jani on September 12, 2012

I love Shakespeare – but somehow Shakespeare and toilets just don’t go together… or do they? ” To pee or not to pee; that is the question?”.” A toilet by any other name would smell [not] as sweet!” I don’t know does the loo or WC make you think…stinky? It’s a question for the ages….

But as ridiculous as it may seem to be having a discussion about toilets, it seems to be on a lot of people minds these day. Just check out the Deseret News article on the new toilet technology… if that happens to interest you:.

As for me, I have a few thoughts on WCs, loos, restrooms, washrooms, honey pots or however you describe them. How would you feel if you happened to be walking into a restroom and saw this sign… it would not be a comforting moment.

Or this…

Or definitely not  this…

So, I turn around, gather my nerves… I was not expecting to see this.

I don’t care how many white plastic bags and blue tape are used to cover these… it’s just not workin’ guys!

Seriously?! And, this is  gonna make me think it’s not a… urinal?! Yeah, it really worked well – because, I wasn’t feeling like I was walking into the biggest germ infested hole ever… And why is that? It was just a guys’ restroom. Why did I, and everyone else I talked to in there, feel like we had to wash and rewash our hands a dozen times? Not even double bagging and double taping is working here, people!

This cute lady and I had a laugh over this whole thing – but she agreed that it made her feel a little leery about using these facilities.

So this is just a suggestion… let me just throw out a novel idea. Maybe if you throw a huge tarp over those sweet little urinals, no one would even notice. I’m just imaging  how long it took these guys to wrap each p-o-t-t-y. I ask why? Were they really that dirty? or stained or… yuck! So, a large tarp over this whole area… a much better idea?

I have other p-o-t-t-y stories. I assure you they will be rated PG! But I would be interested… does this gross you out at all or are you like…”Oh, no big deal dude, it’s just a wrapped urinal! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this deep and stirring conundrum!