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I’m having a brain “traf”!

by jani on August 3, 2012

So in the last two weeks my camera broke, my cellphone shattered, my home computer and laptop froze…  and today the power steering in my car abruptly stopped working! Fortunately, I wasn’t on a freeway… but does practically pulling your hair out and having a one-sided screaming match in my car paint a picture for ya?!

It’s time to schedule my Friday post (today’s Wednesday and my only free moment to write it) and I’m having a serious “brain traf”. Brain traf, you ask? Good, cuz now I can explain one of my favorite ridiculous made up words! My best friend growing up was Marty. We did everything together. We even made up our own language… it wasn’t Pig Latin, but close. We were pretty good at it too, until the end of her five-year battle with cancer. Just before she died, we still spoke our made-up language and laughed as we always had together. There will never be another laugh quite as wonderful as Marty’s.

One day, one of us let go of a big huge f-a-r-t. We were ladies back then; it wasn’;t cool to use that word. I’m laughing right now, because it was mostly my prim and proper Marty who couldn’t bring herself to say the word… and, I was always the one f-a-r-t-i-n-g!! So what did Marty do? She reversed the spelling… and the word “traf” was created!

HB and I created a new word together. We called our children “cute little traffers” – and even though our kids will be hearing this for the first time if they read this post… in our heart of hearts, it’s a true term of endearment and HB and I use the same (when no one’s around) term for our adorable grandchildren!

Our “cute teenage (like the permed mullet on our eldest?) and little traffers” -1988


And here’s our next generation of “cute little traffers” November 2011



So often in today’s world, parents are heard calling their children unthinkable names. Hopefully this will give you a moment’s pause.

How do you refer to your children, those gifted to you by God? Even in your almost-pulling-out-your-hair days, try to lift and encourage them through the positive and loving words they hear from you. Oh, and if you want to borrow our term? Have at it!