hallmark valentine’s {giveaway}

by jani on February 1, 2013

I’m so happy to share another great giveaway from our friends at Hallmark. They always have just the perfect card or gift for those special occasions when we celebrate the wonderful family and friends in our lives.

hallmark valentine 1

We generally think of Valentine’s Day as a time for romance – a chance to tell our sweethearts how much they mean to us (and vice versa!) And while that’s certainly true, love comes in many forms – none of which is greater than the love a mother has for her child. Parents show (and tell) their kids how much they mean year-round, but Valentine’s Day provides a special opportunity to shower little ones with notes of adoration and share gifts they’ll love now and treasure for a lifetime.

So, what will one of my lucky readers be receiving for this fun Valentine’s Day Giveaway? 

  •   Until We Hug Again: Miss a special child? Record your voice into a cuddly Until We Hug Again bunny or bear and they’ll be able to hear your words each time they give the plush a hug. These also make great gifts for grandparents or aunts and uncles who want to send their voice to a beloved child across the miles.
  •    Special Delivery Card Presenters for KidsThese cute critters and characters  have Valentine messages tucked inside. After a child removes the valentine, he or she can keep this little friend around to store little reminders of how much they’re loved.
  •    Justin Bieber Valentine’s Day GreetingsHe’s a Valentine to millions and with these greetings featuring the Biebs, you can wish Happy Valentine’s day to your own superstar.

Just fill out the Rafflecoptor at the bottom of this post and enter to win. Once the winner is chosen, just let me know if you’d like the bunny or bear, and the owl or the Winnie the Pooh card holder. We’re here to please!

Three darling Justin Bieber cards for those very special Bieber fans. You know who they are. Is your daughter or granddaughter making wall collages with Justin? I remember my collages of the Beatles. My mom said quit when I got to the ceiling. But, it was oh-so-cool!

hallmark valentine 2

This adorable felt owl card holder for all the valentines your little one well be receiving! How cute is this for keeping their cards all in one neat spot! And not to worry for your young sons – there is also a Winnie The Pooh card holder.

hallmark valentine 3

Meet the cutest, most cuddly bunny for that special child who will adore  hearing your personal message of love to brighten her day. There is also a darling bear that you can choose for your son or grandson in lieu of the pink bunny. Just let me know once Rafflecoptor has chosen the winner.

hallmark valentine 6

This is such a perfect gift for celebrating one of my favorite holidays.

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Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck to each of you!

*Disclosure: Thanks to Hallmark for providing me with  a Valentine’s Day Until We Hug Again and Greetings pack to review and one for this giveaway. The ideas and content are my own.


{giveaway} hallmark recordable book

by jani on December 10, 2012

I’m so excited about today’s {Giveaway} from the wonderful people at Hallmark “Love You Forever” Recordable Storybook. “Love You Forever” was one of our children’s’  favorite bedtime stories. I remember trying to get through this book without shedding a few tears. It’s such a lovely, thoughtful and tender story with a beautiful message!

In our home we love everything Hallmark. Throughout the years, it’s been the store we visit to buy the perfect gift or card for those special occasions we celebrate as family and loved ones. So, when I received this wonderful recordable story as a giveaway, I was super excited!

I’ve asked different mothers if they sing the song in “Love You Forever”; most say they do. A few have told me that they read the words to the song.  It never occurred to me that my “song” was unique. I don’t know why I expected other mothers to sing my version… I guess I’d never given it that much thought.

I didn’t realize that there could be another version to the song in this book, until I visited my dearest childhood friend. This was several years ago. One night I sat with her as she read the book aloud to her three young boys. It was read with all the love and tender inflection that only a mother could express. But, when she got to the song – it was completely different from mine. I then sang for her my version (which I hope each of my children know by heart). We marveled at how different each of our versions sounded. If only they had had this lovely book in a recordable format back then. You see, Marty died in 2003 of cancer. We had been best friends for almost 53 years. Her little boys are grown now, but what a treasure that book would have been for them!

Is it just me or is there a resemblance to the cute little guy on the cover and my adorable grandson (minus the curly hair of course) with that bright red crop?!

As an educator, I personally know how important it is to read aloud to your child. The stories I’ve listened to of the moms, dads and grandparents recording these storybooks while they are far away from their little ones are heartwarming. Hallmark is “Connecting Families, Creating Memories” through this magical way of capturing your voice as you read a beloved story!

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*Disclosure: Thanks to Hallmark for providing me with one “Love You Forever” Recordable Storybook to review and one for this giveaway. The ideas and content are my own.