foundry grill

What a great overnight getaway just a short drive up the canyon from where we live in Utah. I’m talkin’ about Sundance Resort. It’s nestled in the the Wasatch Mountains just southeast of Salt Lake City and it’s not just for winter skiing! Sundance is a great summer and fall destination, as evidenced by the guest from both the U.S. and faraway nations. (I ran into a lovely woman from California who has been coming each year for the past twenty!) There’s truly something for everyone.
We enjoyed the closing night of the annual outdoor Sundance Musical Theater presentation of “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”. It was just delightful and the singing and dancing were first rate. The audience even participated in singing a robust version of ” Happy Birthday” to Robert Redford (who is on location filming in Mexico) that was videoed for him. You can see it at: if you want to see 1500 people singing in unison! Lying on a blanket surrounded by mountain peaks under a canopy of stars and listening to great music… sweet!

Speaking of sweet, the culinary opportunities are over the top. We had a fantastic dinner at the Tree Room. Everything about it was sublime. I know that you love the cowboy shirts, Bob… but not in the Tree Room, please! (They would be cool in maybe a  Roy Rogers-themed restaurant). Everything about the Tree Room is rustic elegance and the food is superb!

The following morning we enjoyed a lovely brunch in the Foundry Grill. Again, absolutely no complaints… the food was savory and sweet…  and I did love the beige cowboy shirts with brown piping and jeans worn by the waitstaff… in this room, it was so in keeping with the Western atmosphere.

There are cycling paths all over the Sundance area. You can rent everything from a leisure cycle to a  mean and rugged mountain bike. Sundance Resort area is a cyclist’s dream!

This chairlift takes you up to the top of the mountain. The cycling can be dangerous, so be sure to wear the proper gear. This cyclist had just crashed, ruining the bike. He told me he hadn’t been as lucky the previous year when he dislocated his shoulder. This time he used precautions by wearing the extra protective gear… he was glad he did!

Now aren’t these a pair of the coolest boots ever? Stella from Orange County bought them at the Boot Barn (located throughout California) in Mission Viejo. She and her friends were just setting off for a scenic horseback ride through these majestic mountains! Sundance is nirvana for saddling up and having a great ride!

Climb these stairs to a chairlift ride that is so worth the eleven dollars a person. The beauty is unsurpassed and rewarding with its 45-minute round trip. Or you can just have a perfect hike down the mountain.

 Even on a day when fires were raging nearby and several other Western hot spots affected the air quality in Utah , Sundance Resort was and is a glorious place to be!

No plans for Labor Day? If you live nearby, why not enjoy a fun-filled day at Sundance Resort in Utah!