evo ’12

What did I expect from EVO ’12? I had no idea! It wasn’t until the night before the conference.  HB started naming off all the impressive speakers, presenters and their credentials. Where did he get this info? On the website… are you kidding me; and I didn’t do my homework? So after my initial panic, I realized, it’s okay. No way did I have time to read it; I hadn’t even begun to pack. It was then and there that I decided my goal was to just go, enjoy myself and meet as many new friends as I could! If I picked up helpful tools along the way, that was bonus – and it was so much more than bonus. I’m still reeling, spinning and revolving… but most importantly after all I’ve learned, I’m still me.  And for now, that’s a good place to be! So I’ve put together a few of my favorite moments – enjoy!

Day one – love you guys!

Just a few of my wonderful new friends

The workshops at EVO ’12 rocked!

We made this… well sort of. Stacy DeBroff from Mom Central made the puff pastry (incredible!), Jeannette Kaplun from Todo Bebe made the lemonade mocktail (yum!) and the sweet and savory plum crostini was our group effort! I’m makin’ some tonight!

I took great notes!

A huge thank you to Mom It Forward and Today’s Mama and everyone who made Evo ’12  so memorable – see you at Evo ’13… I will be there!