encouraging creativity in children

my li’l fashionista!

by jani on October 3, 2012

Last January my son and his family came for a visit. I was on Polivore playing dress-up with outfits. As a young girl, my friend and I would make our own paper dolls and then design different outfits for them. Polivore reminds me of playing paper dolls without the doll!

I figured I’d let my six year old granddaughter design an outfit. She got on my lap –  and was hilarious, completely taking over. My li’l fashionista was going to town with Polivore… I loved it! At one point I change the page. She cried out, “Oh no, Jani. You lost the hat! I wanted the hat!” I explained to her, no biggie, we’ll find it – and we did. Everything in this Polivore outfit is her creation right down to the placement of each item! Then it came to the title… and this is what she came up with.

I give you “Ruby Ta Tooty”!


Ruby Ta Tooty

After designing this outfit, she decided to come up with a new hairstyle. Again, this was all her own idea. I applauded her creativity and bolstered her originality by taking these photos and telling her how beautiful her hairstyle was!

Every child is unique and my granddaughter is no exception. I believe one very important key in raising your children is always reassuring and praising their uniqueness.   This little lady decides what she’s going to wear – and fortunately she has super -supportive parents who applaud her individuality.

How can I not adore my little girl with all this pizzazz?!

Here’s her latest style. She chose everything right down to the pumpkin prop! If you want to see more of this little one’s creativity you can watch her crafting videos at my daughter-in-law Marie LeBaron’s blog Make and Takes.

Isn’t it wonderful that the children of today can be encouraged to be themselves? From one grandma’s opinion… I think it’s awesome!

How about you… what do you do to encourage creativity and promote a positive self esteem with the children in your life? And do you think it’s  important to inspire their self discovery?