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rockin’ three root canals!

by jani on January 16, 2013

As I was getting ready for my dental appointment with my endodontist, Brent C. Sonnenberg DDS, MS, I overheard Kathie Lee Gifford telling Hoda Kotb on the Today Show,  that over the Christmas break she had to have a root canal…the  first in her life and how fearful she was. I couldn’t help think, I hope she went to an endodontist!  After all, would you go to and OB/Gyn if you broke your leg or better yet an orthopedist if you thought you might be expecting?

I feel the need to express my opinion here. I have had dental experiences that would make you sick if I described them. From the time I was about eight and broke both of my front teeth, I’ve had a whirl with dentists. I even worked for one as his assistant for several months as he trained me. Without question if you are recommended for a root canal by your dentist – please go to an endodontist for the procedure!

This may be the first thing you see as you venture in the room.

root 1

Well, actually more like this. After all, here’s where the work will take place in your pretty little head!

root 2

I began to scan the room and was completely impressed with the variety of precision tools and equipment. I suppose if one were to become nervous, it would be at this moment… but I wasn’t in the least. I’ve had root canals before and knew about the rubber shield (actually called a dam… but, Dr Sonnenberg reminded me, “We don’t say ‘damn’ in this office!”  I don’t know what else to say about having this procedure other than,  it’s just not a big deal. Losing a tooth is!

root 3 root 10

Then I got comfortable in the chair with its cushioned headrest. At this point I was totally ready…absolutely calm and anticipatory. I watched his assistant, Andrie, prepare for my procedures. I was fascinated how she could tell everything apart (there is a lot to know). But I was  in secure hands and I had absolutely no ounce of fear.

root 11

Then the doctor walked in and by his gentle actions and calming tone, I was assured that I had chosen the perfect endodontist!

root 12

If you live in the Utah area, I highly recommend this professional, Dr. Brent C Sonnenberg, DDS, MS. As he was working on one of my more “struggly” (my son and his friends made up that word, but it works here!) teeth, he continuously used a powerful microscope. I knew his comprehensive methods were what I would always look for in the qualities of one working in such a highly specialized dental field.

I felt a few tiny pinches. There was virtually no pain and I was comfortably rocking to the fun rock music selections (I’ve actually been singing one of them all day long) piped into the overhead. So the next time you need a root canal, check out Dr Brent C. Sonnenberg, DDS, MS or a respectable endodontist in your area. You won’t be sorry… and you just may save your tooth!

Now, my advice to my readers. Gum disease or infected areas near the roots of your teeth are not to trifled with. If you let these go, simply because you’re fearful of the procedure or worried about the cost , you will be doing yourself a great injustice and will most likely lose one or more teeth! Brush, floss and take care of this very important part of your body. But if you know you need a root canal… don’t wait. If you do… it may be too late!