Deadhorse Point State Park

Canyonlands National Park rivals the Grand Canyon in its awe inspiring and breathtaking views. You can spend days in Moab and miss the majority of Canyonlands, as it covers so many square miles. Situated on top of a mesa, the district we visited is sometimes referred to as “Island In The Sky”, a pretty accurate description. To get to both Island In The Sky and Dead Horse Point State Park drive nine miles north of Moab on US 191. Turn west onto SR313 toward Island In The Sky Visitor Center, which is located 32 miles from Moab. A few miles before you enter Canyonlands National Park, there is a road to your left which takes you to Dead Horse Point State Park. It’s well worth the 22-mile travel to the visitors center and hiking trails. Be patient, for the towering 2,00o feet above the Colorado River is not something you want to miss. The serenity is ever present, looking over this vast panorama! Truly, this is one magnificent view of the canyon country of southeastern Utah! This is one of my favorite shots overlooking the valley below and the meandering Colorado River.

canyonlands-deadhorse 3

Dogs are allowed on leashes in the state parks of Utah but not in the national parks. Emmy loved walking the trails with us. An easy way to always have a doggy bag available, is to tie it to your belt loop; a habit that has proved quite convenient and opportune!

deadhorse state park 1

I really wasn’t going to jump, but how thrilling to be standing on this overhanging ledge, just a short hike from SR 313. It’s only a 2,000 foot drop to the Green River… I wouldn’t call it a drop-in-the-bucket!

deadhorse 5

 Thelma and Louise took this photo…  seriously! They were two friends actually named Thelma and Louise, from Australia. We just happened upon this point and they were nice enough to offer to take our photo. As we approached, I mentioned to HB that if I accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, we’d be doing a “Thelma and Louise”… and how crazy was it to get our picture taken by these two funny ladies who just decided to take a trip around the Southwest!

thelma and louiseCan you say, “GORGEOUS”?

canyonlands-on one side 1

The photo above was taken toward the east of SR 313 on the mesa driving away from Island in the Sky and the photo below was taken from the west. Of course the sun wasn’t in my favor for a great shot, but hopefully you can see how incredible it was to be on top of the world… or so it seemed!

on top of canyonlands- other side of the road

If you’re looking for unsurpassed beauty, then check out Dead Horse Point State and Canyonlands National Parks. There are a myriad of activities just waiting for you. Whether you are traveling in your car sightseeing or want to be part of the action hiking, jeeping or cycling the many miles of trails, southeastern Utah definitely needs to make your bucket list!