casin’ cabela’s

by jani on June 24, 2012

One of the fun traditions we’ve had with our grandkids is a must-visit to Cabela’s. We’ve had so much fun at this great sporting goods store. (At this point I have to put in a huge plug for competitor REI, as one of my sons is the online marketing director.)  Cabela’s just happens to be almost around the corner from us. Each time our grandsons have stayed with us we’ve taken them to Cabela’s. It’s just a  fun place for kids and adult kids, period! I have another son who would take his daughters on their daddy-daughter date… where else? Yep… Cabela’s! So I thought it would be fun to share our Cabela’s adventures with you.

The very first stop is the front desk for some free tokens for the shooting gallery. I’m proud to say that ever since my eighth grade summer at Douglas Ranch Camp in Carmel Valley, where I received… a big whoo-hoo first place in riflery…  I’m the reining high scorer at the shooting gallery!


 I think I’ll be a big game hunter!

On second thought…

Now this is more like it; I know I can beat Grandma’s score! I just know I can! If I just keep hitting the same target… wait, it’s not registering my score, Dang!

 Phew! That made me sleepy! (Faux zzzzzzzz)

Grandma and Grandpa, I know just the thing to wake me up! Let’s go taste all the yummy fudge! Hmmmm… let’s see…  my favorite is… Chewy Praline – delish!

So, mission accomplished… was it an impossible mission? Nope. Overcame my fear of wild beasts? Check! Avoided any misfired weapon by wearing my overly-ridiculous bright orange protecto gear? Check! Hid with Grandma from store employees in our cool camo outfits? Check! Wrestled and subdued a wild gator? Check! I’d say fun at Cabela’s with Grandma and Grandpa? Quadruple check!

Whether you’re parents of young children or grandparents like we are, if you want a fun filled afternoon with the kiddies (oh and we’ve had just as much fun with our teenage grandson and grown up kids), Cabela’s is a great place for your next adventure. Always keep your imagination active…  it helps you stay young and your children will definitely benefit!