basil infused grilled asparagus

by jani on May 25, 2012

One of my favorite veggies is asparagus; I’ve loved it from the time I was just a child. That’s before I found out all about it’s great nutritional value. I’ve always steamed asparagus in just a very small amount of water, adding about a tablespoon of olive oil and covering it with a lid. But my favorite way to eat these tasty spears is grilling!

asparagus ingredients 1


  • one bunch of fresh asparagus (this should be consumed within 48 hours as it is more perishable than other veggies- keeping a damp paper towel or cloth wrapped around the bottoms, while in fridge,  helps retain their freshness)
  • Emeril’s original essence seasoning (we love the flavor of this seasoning and a bonus? less sodium than salt!
  • Sciabica’s Oil of the Olive-Basil (this is a more expensive olive oil, but the infused basil just enhances the flavor… so worth it!)

A trick to getting the most tender of spears, is to hold it in your hand; if it’s flimsy and doesn’t snap, toss it down the disposal. We never cut the end off our asparagus… if you want them to be the same length, cut them after they’ve been snapped. To snap, you hold the asparagus and gently breaking off the end.

Place the asparagus on a cookie sheet (you can use a gallon ziploc baggie if you prefer) and then drizzle Sciabica’s olive oil liberally over all spears, turning to make sure they are evenly coated.

Sprinkle Emeril’s Original Essence seasoning on both sides of asparagus spears, making sure all spears are coated.

Grill asparagus at 350-375 degrees for about seven minutes per side or until they have an even dark brown grill pattern on each side. You need to watch them closely, turning them with your tongs.

asparagus on grill 1

Asparagus w grilled chicken 2

We enjoyed ours with grilled chicken tenders and fresh tomato slices, it tasted great and was healthy too!

With asparagus now in season, this is a great time to complement your summer table! Lots more grilling coming your way… thank you, HB!

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