is it really 2013?!

by jani on January 4, 2013

I know it is – we welcomed in 2013 with a great New Year’s Eve party at our son’s home. I’m all about welcoming in the new and ushering out the old. However, since I’m still looking at, and I might add enjoying, my Christmas decor while everyone else is busying themselves taking it all down and wrapping last year up in a bow, I’d like to take a very short visit back to some of my favorite posts from 2012.

A few of my favorite recipes… they were all fun to make, great to eat, and awesome to post about!

puff pastry

grilled avacodos

fourth of july fruit pizza

grilled peaches

fig and cheese crostini

roasted chile mushroom soup

pear apple butternut soup

sausage pine nut dressing

maple pecan baked yams


Food Collage 1

A few of my fashion, travel and family favorite posts –

fash, trav and fam  Collage

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been publishing my blog since the middle of May. I love all the aspects of the blogging world and  feel fortunate to be able to contribute my small part! So with this brief look back… here’s to a better year than last for everyone!

If there are a few of these posts that don’t look familiar, I would love to have you go back and read through my blog. I’m grateful to you, my readers, and pray your new year is joyous!