friday fashion favorites – mint

by jani on March 29, 2013

The color mint is everywhere this spring 2013 fashion season. It’s a yummy shade of pale green sherbet or seafoam. We ladies are loving this color in all pieces from dresses to shoes to jewelry and accessories!


1. Jeane Blush cocktail party dress
$68 –

2. Laura Ashley polka dot top

$69 –

5. Abercrombie fitch

9. Flat shoes

8. Crossbody handbag

7. Zipper bag

6. Dangle earrings

3.  FE NY cat sunglasses

10. Essie nailpolish
$12 –

Mint is a fresh color and it just feels great on our bodies!

What do you think? Are you liking this shade? I’d be bold and mix it with coral, orange or any other bright color combination… but have fun with it!


wolfe ranch in arches national park

by jani on March 27, 2013

Each year there are an estimated 1.7 to 1.9 million visitors to Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. They visit the park to to see the incredible formations (we did that and you can see our images here)… to hike and sometimes to just sit, ponder and take in some of nature’s most magnificent vistas.

I wonder how many stop to visit Wolfe Ranch. It is, after all, off the main road which takes you to Delicate Arch and everyone wants a photo of this iconic arch! I would, however, suggest to those of you who may visit Arches, to take the left fork and drive the short distance to see this historic building. Then ask yourself, how on earth did Wolfe and his family survive in the middle of nowhere?

At first HB had no interest in walking to see this sad- looking edifice. But on closer inspection… and I mean peering into the windows, we were both taken back by the tiny living space – and immediately wanted to learn all we could about this family and why they would choose this desolate spot to live.

wolfe ranch 4This is apparently the remains of the corral that Wolfe used for his livestock. How did he find water? We saw no nearby water sources when we were there. How far did they have to travel for basic needs? It’s all quite mystifying to me!

wolfe ranch 1There’s no chimney or stove that we could see. How did they cook? How did they keep warm in the cold winter months? The difficulty of this lifestyle has had me pondering ever since we visited this place.

Here’s what we’ve learned from Wikipedia:

“John Wesley Wolfe settled in the location in 1888 with his oldest son Fred. A nagging leg injury from the Civil War prompted Wolfe to move west from Ohio, looking for a drier climate. He chose this tract of more than 100 acres (0.40 km2) along Salt Wash for its water and grassland – enough for a few cattle. The Wolfes built a one-room cabin, a corral, and a small dam across Salt Wash. For more than a decade they lived alone on the remote ranch. In 1906, Wolfe’s daughter Flora Stanley, her husband, and their children moved to the ranch.[2] Shocked at the primitive conditions, Stanley convinced her father to build a new cabin with a wood floor.”

wolfe ranch 2The root cellar-

wolfe ranch 3One thing I realized after our visit to Arches National Park and especially the Wolfe Ranch – just how easy our lives are. We are surrounded by luxuries and yet  find so many things to complain about. We need to take a moment and realize all that we are blessed with on a daily basis.

Have you ever visited Arches National Park? While there, did you stop to see this historic building? Granted it isn’t much, but there’s such a story behind it. If you do go… maybe – just maybe – you’ll look at the water bottle you’re holding in your hand and realize that there was no chore in getting it! As always I welcome your comments.


My eldest grandson, Josh (age fifteen) absolutely loves to cook. He and all five of his brothers have been cooking since they were very young. Their mom has always encouraged my grandsons to experiment with their culinary interests. She and my son have done an incredible job raising their sons to be very independent and “prepared”. Josh, after all, is an Eagle Scout!

Josh loves churros! One day he asked his mom if she would buy some for the family. She did, but soon realized that it was just too expensive. So, she told Josh that he’d better figure out how to make them, if he wanted anymore churros. So he did!

On his own, when he was in sixth grade, he searched the web and found just the right recipe on Initially, he rolled the dough into long ropes and dropped them in the deep fryer.

churros 1I believe that my grandkids are the smartest and greatest in the entire world… and I’m not at all biased! 🙂 In this particular case, Josh came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea… and…  he thought of it completely on his own. Why not use Mom’s cookie press to make his churros?

churros 6Isn’t he handsome?

churros 2Here, he’s kneading the hot dough,using Crisco-covered gloves so as not to burn his hands.

churros 4Below, he is filling the cookie press – using the “star” tool.

churros 5He’s making perfectly formed churros, and he can decide the length he wants!

churros 3Doesn’t this churro look delicious? It was!

churros 7From time to time, I will be featuring each of my grandsons from my eldest son’s family as they recreate some of my favorite recipes. I’ve decided to call this “grandson gastronomy”. I hope you will look forward to reading these posts as much as I will enjoy documenting them. I learned so much from just watching Josh making this yummy treat!

Do you encourage your children or grandchildren to use their creativity? Is it more important to you to always have a clean kitchen or do you teach your little ones the importance of  exploration and creativity, even at the cost of cleaning up lots of messes? As always, I welcome your comments.


Orange, hot pink,  bright green and yellow are all happy colors. They always seem to add a spring in your step when you put o  these fun colors. It’s been a long winter – and I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for sunshine, blue skies, warm weather and barbecues! Here are a couple of outfits that will help put you in the mood!

Orange You Sweet!

Marni leather tote bag
$725 –

ALDO bracelets bangle

Leigh and Luca printed scarve
$210 –


I just purchased a pair of bright green skinnies at Macy’s and I just love wearing them with my bright yellow slip-on loafers!

Spring '13

Fat Face striped top
$42 –

Sperry Top Sider bow flat

Cross body shoulder bag
$12 –

Topshop coral ring

Linda farrow sunglasses
$270 –



Just this week we celebrated March 21st and the first day of spring… finally! Now go out and enjoy the sunshine!